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By Jordan Sekulow

As the debt ceiling debate, Casey Anthony acquittal, unrest in Syria, and fight to topple Qaddafi in Libya monopolize the news cycle, Iran is quietly implementing its radical Islamist agenda.

In just the last two weeks, Iran has sentenced Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani to death just for being a Christian, in what the U.S. State Department has noted would be the first such Iranian state execution for one’s faith since 1990. When this blatant human rights violation caught the attention of the international community, the Iranian regime attempted to calm the outcry by giving Pastor Nadarkhani a choice – renounce his Christian faith or die.

While the Ayatollah’s regime continues oppressing its own people and threatening the stability of the Middle East, there have been new concerns raised in Capitol Hill hearings about Iran and its puppet Hezbollah in Latin America.

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