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Beliefnet’s John Kennedy reports a website in support of gay marriage in Minnesota has come out with a new vulgar video in which actors mock and slander Christians and even shows two young boys kissing each other.
The purpose of the website is to raise money for Minnesotans United for All Families, an organization whose goal is to defeat the proposed ban on same-sex marriage that the state’s voters will decide on in 201.
The video on the site is a parody of gay marriage opponents, mocking them for wanting to maintain traditional family values.
Some of the men dressed in nothing more than a T-shirt and brief underwear finish each other’s sentences and jokingly comment on why gay marriage is wrong. The site takes critical aim at Christians in particular, portraying Christians as mindless followers of church laws.
One girl, twirling her hair, sarcastically says that homosexuality is wrong “because the Bible tells me so.” 
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