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The nursing mom was ordered not to breastfeed her baby in public because she was in a “multicultural building,” says Emma Mitchell, 32.

She told the British newspaper The Daily Mail, that she was about to feed 19-week-old son Aaron when a receptionist at a town hall warned her to stop.

“Last night Mrs. Mitchell condemned council staff,” reported the newspaper, “saying it was time people recognized the law which allows nursing mothers to breastfeed in public.”

“It was just awful. I felt humiliated, intimidated and guilty through the whole thing,” Mrs. Mitchell told a reporter. “What I was doing was one of the most natural things a mother can do. You hear everywhere that breast is best for your baby, so why wouldn’t I be allowed to do that?”

The incident occurred when she was in the Citizens’ Advice Bureau in the Oldham Civic Centre, asking about hiring a babysitter.

Aaron became hungry and started crying. She then asked the receptionist if she could use a corner of the room to feed him. The receptionist refused, saying it was a “multicultural building.”

“She then rang the manager,” says Mrs. Mitchell, “who told me that I couldn’t breastfeed here and to go into the shopping centre’s public toilets instead.”

The idea of having lunch in a toilet was unacceptable. Another staff member “told me that I had caused an uproar,” according to newspaper account.

Michelle Booth, 38, a friend who was at the civic centre, told The Daily Mail: “I don’t understand. It’s political correctness gone mad.”

Under British law, mothers can breastfeed in public.

Last night councillor Shoab Akhtar, of Oldham Council, said: “We fully support the right of mothers to breastfeed their children and actively encourage it due to the long-term health benefits it provides.”

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