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What a sad tale! A bunch of mean teenagers pulled up at a neighborhood lemonade stand, pretended to be digging in their pockets for money, but instead robbed the 4- through 11-year-old entrepreneurs.

Threatening to beat up the little kids, the teens stole their “goodie jar” full of cash — estimated at $13.50 — and drove away laughing.

While at least one little girl hid behind a tree, the furious 11-year-old leader of the lemonaide crew chased after the car on foot — and the teens reportedly tossed some of the cash out the window.


But it ended well. After hearing about the incident, a local citizen dropped by the police station and left $20 for the kids.

So, they were upbeat … if not a bit breathless … about their adventure — and their unpleasant introduction to the real world.


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