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“As many American Christians are aware,” writes former Time magazine Asia correspondent David Aikman, “China’s Christian house churches, those Christian communities who don’t want to be controlled by the Communist Party, have been under their savage repression in years from the authorities.  The most serious persecution has targeted the Shouwang church, the largest in Beijing.”

The 1,000-member church has been targetted by the Chinese government for 13 weeks. All its leaders are under house arrest. The government has pressured employers to fire church members and for landlords to evict families of those who persist in trying to attend services. A number of members have been forced by police to leave Beijing.

“Now China’s Communist-controlled church organization, the Three-Self Patriotic Movement is joining in the repression,” writes Aikman. “Not only are its officials showing up at police interrogations of detained house church members, they are celebrating decades of collaboration with the Communist Party. That’s like the Nazi Party requiring chorales from churches in occupied wartime Europe. How sick and degraded can you get?”

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