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The anti-abortion website says Republican presidential hopeful Jim Huntsman is “gay friendly,” supports stem-cell research and is a “nominal Mormon.”

“Despite flaunting a spotless pro-life voting record, Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman has confirmed that he supports stem-cell research that involves the destruction of human embryonic life,” writes Kathleen Gilbert.

She also writes that Huntsman spokesperson Tim Miller sent a prepared statement to the website stating that the candidate “is a passionate supporter of stem cell research,” and that he supports federal funding “for lines that have a demonstrated history of success — adult stem cells, non-embryonic stem-cells and certain types of embryonic stem cell research.”

However, writes Gilbert, the statement said that Huntsman “opposes federal funding for new lines that would do harm to embryos.”

The article went on to say: “Huntsman, a nominal Mormon and recent ambassador to China under the Obama administration, emerged on the GOP 2012 scene on June 21, bearing an unusual mix of a strong pro-life voting record with a penchant for fiscal liberalism and a moderately ‘gay friendly’ reputation.”

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