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Former Fox News pundit Glenn Beck proclaimed his solidarity with the Jewish people Monday as he spoke to members of the Israeli Knesset.

“Where you go, I shall go. Your people are my people, your God is my God,” Beck told a committee of Israel’s national parliament, quoting the biblical Book of Ruth.

“As a man who also worships the one God, in the times that we live in, it is clear that what is going on is God’s work,” he told the Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs Committee. “If we are silent, evil will win. But if we stand up and take charge, God will do the rest.”

According to the Jerusalem Post, Beck also encouraged members to reach out to those of other faiths: “If you go to a synagogue, reach out to a church. If you go to a church, reach out to a JCC. Say, will you watch this with me? After that we’ll talk and eat and get to know one another.”

The Post highlighted Beck’s main points as:

  1. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is about destruction of Israel and the west.
  2. Anti-semitism is going to go through the roof. When these conditions appear, it’s always the Jews fault. It’s not about the holocaust, (that’s) just the latest in a string of events thousands of years. Holocaust is just the one they made a movie about. It was the same way all the time.
  3. The world is about to change, so think differently. Everything you thought you can count on, forget about it, (and) create new systems.
  4. The truth shall set you free.

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