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On film released Tuesday, Medicaid advisors appear to tell applicants to keep quiet about such things as being Russian drug smugglers, living off the labors of sex workers, or that they are seeking medical care for Irish Republican Army terrorists who have sneaked into America after a battle with police.

Filmmaker James O’Keefe says he has film footage that will rival his revelations that shut down the community organizing group ACORN.

Tuesday O’Keefe released his second installment. The new footage shows a government employee in South Carolina assisting a man who described himself as a member of the Irish Republican Army with Medicaid applications — ostensibly for 25 IRA members he flew into the U.S.

The man said his 25 IRA associates, who he said were Irish citizens, were “shot up in gunfire in a skirmish.” He said he “exports arms” to Ireland to help the IRA. In response, the woman in the Charleston, South Carolina, Medicaid office said she would keep his activities confidential.

“It is definitely not in my own best interest to divulge anything to anyone because I could not afford it,” says the human service specialist. “I do not want to go to jail, so, I don’t know anything.”

On Monday, O’Keefe unveiled footage in which an Ohio Medicaid worker advised a man how to get benefits for Russian drug smugglers and young girls working in the sex trade.

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