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Political correctness did in a Cisco Systems leadership instructor after it was discovered he wrote a book blasting the tyranny of political correctness.

“The American-based multinational corporation Cisco Systems, a company that touts its ‘inclusion and diversity’ strategies, has come under attack for the recent firing of a top employee, reputedly over his off-the-job work defending marriage,” writes Rebecca Millette for LifeSiteNews, an internet news site that advocates pro-life issues.

“Earlier this year, the company fired Dr. Frank Turek, Cisco’s leadership and teambuilding program co-ordinator, after receiving complaints from a manager with the company regarding Dr. Turek’s authorship of a book titled Correct, not Politically Correct: How Same-Sex Marriage Hurts Everyone.

According to Cisco management, Dr. Turek’s work with the company had received nothing but praise. In fact, in the manager’s complaint to the company he commended the leadership program lead by Dr. Turek as “excellent,” but took issue with his political and religious views.

Dr. Turek says he was fired “by Cisco for my conservative beliefs about sex and marriage even though my beliefs were never expressed on the job.”

Dr. Turek was hired to conduct a leadership and teambuilding program for about fifty managers. He received high marks and in 2010 he was commissioned to design a similar program for about 200 managers globally.

Following one of these sessions, the complaining manager called a human resources professional at Cisco after apparently searching Turek’s name online. According to Adams, even though neither the manager nor the HR professional had read Turek’s book or heard him speak on matters of same-sex marriage or homosexuality, Turek was fired within hours, and the HR professional commended the manager for “outing” Turek, reported LifeSiteNews.

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