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The U.S. District Court of Michigan has awarded victory to an evangelical church in Lansing, Michigan, after it filed suit against a group of self-proclaimed gay “anarchists” called Bash Back! over their protest and disruption of a Sunday service.

According to Bash Back!‘s blog, on November 9th, 2008, 30 members of the organization disrupted the most well-attended Sunday service at Mount Hope Church.

“At noon, a small group of folks dressed in pink and black, equipped with a megaphone, black flags, picket signs and an upside-down pink cross began demonstrating outside the church,” they wrote. “The group was extremely loud and wildly offensive.”

Members of Bash Back! in a photo taken from their websiteAfter the group lured the security staff outside the church, over a dozen members of the organization who had already infiltrated the congregation prepared for action.

A group stood up, declared themselves and began screaming loudly. Upon hearing the loud interruption, other affinity groups went into action. A team that had been hiding under the pews in the closed-off balcony dropped a banner and pulled back the curtains to reveal “IT’S OKAY TO BE GAY! BASH BACK!” Another group threw over a thousand fliers to the congregation. The fire alarm was pulled. A same-sex couple began making out in front of the pastor. According to Right Michigan the protestors also threw condoms, glitter, confetti, and pink fabric.

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