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Thousands marched in the city center of Lima, Peru, Thursday to protest against a bill that allows homosexuals to express their affections in public places, including schools.

The bill was proposed by Senator Manuel Cardenas, who says the bill aims to “promote gender equality and prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation.”

Protesters, however, allege that the bill goes against child and family’s rights, and have promoted messages such as: “Don’t kill our innocence. No to the gay bill, but yes for the values.”

“We ask for Lima to stop promoting a controversial law that imposes a gay ideology in schools and public places,” said Carmen Mollo, director of Pro-Family National Coordinator Organization.

A forum had been organized to debate the bill and to allow people to voice their opposition, however this was canceled just hours prior to its scheduled start time, with no explanation given.

Demonstrators also used the march to protest against proposals from Lima’s mayor, Susan Villarán, who wants to create a Pink Zone that authorizes prostitution. The mayor believes that this would bring a halt to problems generated by underground prostitution.

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