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“The announcement today that Glenn Beck’s previously announced, weird event at Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, has been moved due to security concerns is weird,” writes author Jim Fletcher. “But welcome.”

Fletcher made the comment in his Beliefnet feature: “Is It the End of the World?”

Why the popular populist announced in the first place that he’d hold a pro Israel rally at the highly sensitive site is beyond me. I’ve been there three times, but it’s just as likely that I would never have been able to ascend to the place holy to three faiths. The Temple Mount—Haram al-Sharif to Muslims—is I believe the greatest flashpoint in our world today.

After Israel took Jerusalem’s Old City in June, 1967, Moshe Dayan gave the keys back to the Arabs the next day. Why? He said he didn’t want to ignite World War III; not a small number of Israelis wanted to immediately begin rebuilding the Temple.

Periodically, a crazy or two will “try something,” although the Israeli police and army do a good job protecting the 35-acre compound. The Palestinian wakf is officially in charge, and Muslims can generally visit when they want. Not so for Christians and Jews (although few Jews visit the area, for various reasons. Some feel they will walk over the area of the Temple’s “holy of holies” and thus desecrate the spot).

For these reasons, it is hard to understand what Beck wanted to accomplish with his pro Israel rally. He has said the event will take place somewhere else in Jerusalem. Great; another security headache for the Israeli police.

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