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National journalists found themselves stuck with the prospect of interviewing local farmers coming out Tuesday night’s premiere of the Sarah Palin movie in Pella, Iowa.

It seems the 111-year-old Pella Opera House sold out every seat to local folks – and no tickets were put aside for the national press, reports Paul Bond of the Hollywood Reporter.

“Reporters from around the country that have descended upon tiny Pella, Iowa for the premiere of the Sarah Palin documentary The Undefeated on Tuesday night are in for a rude awakening,” wrote Bond Tuesday afternoon. ”So scarce are the tickets that there’s no room in the theater for journalists.

“The town, in fact, has been filling up rapidly since Palin confirmed she’d attend the premiere with her husband, Todd. Police notified residents that the streets around the venue, the would be shut down beginning 13 hours prior to show time. On Monday, organizers were still divvying up tickets to the massively oversubscribed event.”

Reporters – some who travelled more than 1,000 miles — were told “they didn’t make the cut,” reported Bond.

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