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Bishop Paul S. Morton, founder of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship that ordained Eddie Long as Bishop, has openly rebuked the Atlanta megachurch pastor and called him to repent of any sins committed in sexual coercion lawsuits that were settled last month.

In a Sunday sermon that was posted online earlier this week, Morton called on Long to apologize to his church, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, and those who have stood with him.

“If you have repented, show me some signs. Show me some humility. You can’t just come and tell me nothing. Tell me something. Those that have stood with you, tell us something. Tell your church something,” Morton told his congregation, Changing A Generation Full Gospel Baptist Church, which is located just 28 miles away from Long’s church, on June 19.

“We’ve all made mistakes and fallen short of the glory of God but if I mess up, I’ve got to tell you something. So that’s what the Bible says … We will pray that he will hear God’s voice in this. ”

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