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After weeks of protests and civil unrest, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak addressed the nation today. Contrary to early reports, Mubarak is not stepping down from his current position. He confirmed he will not seek re-election in September.
He sympathized with the people and “laid down a clear vision of how to resolve the crisis”, including a commitment to amend six articles of Egypt’s Constitution. In regards to the recent violence, he said: “The blood of those killed in violence will not be wasted.” He also noted, “I will not be the subject of foreign pressure… Priority now is to restore the confidence of all Egyptians.”
As he spoke, thousands of angry demonstrators in Tahrir (also known as Liberation) Square chanted and waved their shoes in protest of Mubarak’s refusal to step down.
Update: Breaking News: President Mubarak Steps Down, Flees Egypt

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