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(RNS) Interfaith leaders urged Congress on Tuesday (March
2) to refocus attention on Sudan as the troubled nation in eastern Africa faces a “critical juncture” after being torn by years of conflict.
As the attention of the public and Congress has been drawn away to other global hotspots, the Interfaith Sudan Working Group hopes U.S.
lawmakers will assist Sudan in grappling with an upcoming election, a recent cease-fire agreement with a Darfur rebel group and a referendum on independence for southern Sudan.
“Political milestones such as the upcoming election, cease-fire agreements and referendum carry great promise and great peril,” said Ruth Messinger, president of the American Jewish World Service. “That’s why we need the U.S. government’s focused attention now. If the agreements and peace process fall apart, they can’t just be put back together, again.”
Galen Carey, director of government affairs for the National Association of Evangelicals, said it is important for Washington to influence a “peaceful and democratic future” for the people of Sudan.
“It will be tragic if the extensive U.S. investment over many years in the Sudan peace process is squandered due to inattention at a decisive moment when the future of millions of Sudanese and the stability of the region hangs in the balance,” he said.
— Adelle M. Banks
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