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PRESCOTT, Ariz. – Documents released Monday by Arizona authorities investigating a fatal sweat lodge ceremony show that serious medical problems occurred at past events led by self-help guru James Arthur Ray.
Three people died after the Oct. 8 sweat lodge ceremony that was the highlight of Ray’s five-day “Spiritual Warrior” event at a retreat near Sedona. The Yavapai (YAV’-uh-py) County sheriff’s office has focused a homicide investigation on Ray.
According to the documents, a man Ray hired to build the sweat lodge told investigators that people emerged in medical distress all three times he has assisted with the ceremonies. He says Ray repeatedly told the most recent participants that, “You are not going to die. You might think you are, but you’re not going to die.”
The documents were released in Prescott (PREHS’-kiht) after a judge ruled that they be made public.
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