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(RNS) “Fireproof” and “The Christmas Choir” captured the two $100,000 Epiphany Prizes at the 17th annual Movieguide Faith and Values Awards Gala in Beverly Hills, Calif.
“Fireproof” depicts the reconciliation of a troubled marriage while “The Christmas Choir” follows homeless men who refocus their lives by singing Christmas carols
The Epiphany Prizes for Inspiring Movies and TV are awarded to the movie and television program whose aim is to increase man’s love and comprehension of God.
Actress Adriana Barraza won the Grace Award for Most Inspiring Performance in Movies or TV for her role in “Henry Poole is Here.” The film is about a cynical man who eventually discovers faith and hope with the unexpected help of his neighbors.
“WALL-E,” beating out nine other films, was awarded the Best Family Movie.
The comic book action flick “Ironman” received the Best Movie for Mature Audiences.
“Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” won the Faith and Freedom Movie Award for Promoting Positive American Values. “John Adams” and “The Medal” tied in taking the Faith and Freedom Television Award for Promoting Positive American Values.
The annual Movieguide Faith and Values Gala recognizes films promoting family values and biblical principles.
By Christopher A. Guzman
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