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Washington – A survey shows religious Americans are less worried about the economy than they are about a “spiritual recession.”
The Faithbook on Facebook poll released Tuesday found nearly 72 percent of respondents said such a spiritual recession was more of a concern to them than a downturn in the spiritual arena.
In a similar vein, more than 80 percent see the developing tough times as an opportunity to revitalize the nation’s level of spirituality, Faithbook said in a written statement.
“The Faithbook poll seems to confirm that the economic downturn has reached the heart of religious life,” said Simon Cohen, managing director of Global Tolerance, which runs Faithbook. “It is heartening that for many people, as long as our basic human needs are met, they see the financial watershed as pregnant with hope and opportunity.”
The online survey of 150 respondents also found that more than 27 percent of them said they had actually been praying more ever since the economy went south.
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