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New Delhi – Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama said Tuesday he would resign if violent protests by Tibetans didn’t cease.
“I have always made it clear that the expression of deep emotion should be in control. If it is out of control, we have no option. If the violent demonstration will continue, I would resign,” he told reporters in New Delhi, the Press Trust of India reported.
China has been battling Tibetan protests since March 10, the anniversary of the failed 1959 Tibetan rebellion against Chinese rule.
Although the Dalai Lama has rejected the accusations several times and spoken against violence, China continues to attack him as the mastermind behind the protests. He has also denied promoting Tibetan independence as China claims.
On Tuesday, the Buddhist monk asked Tibetans to refrain harming the Chinese people, the report said.
“I have always respected the Chinese people … Chinese Communism. Even most of the Tibetan protesters are ideologically Communists. I think inside or outside China, if the demonstrators utilize violent methods, I am totally against it,” the Dalai Lama said.
China has said 19 people have died in the Tibetan protests. Tibetan exiles claim the figure is at least 130.
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