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By Daniel Burke
Religion News Service

(RNS) Answers in Genesis, the Christian ministry that founded the $27 million Creation Museum in Kentucky last year, has now launched an online technical journal to publish studies consistent with its biblical views.
The Answers Research Journal will disseminate research conducted by creationist theologians and scientists “that are consistent with the biblical account of origins.”
Ken Hamm, president of Answers in Genesis, said submissions will be peer-reviewed, but the journal’s guidelines discourage asking non-creationists to conduct those reviews.
The journal is needed because of academic bias in most scientific journals against creationists, Hamm said.
“As soon as you overtly say it’s to do with creation, they say it’s not science and refuse to publish it,” he said.
Earlier this month, a top panel of U.S. scientists said that belief in the theory of evolution and religious faith are not incompatible, but that creationism has no place in science classes.
The panel also laid out scientific evidence supporting the theory of evolution.

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