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Perugia, Italy – Jul 23, 2007 – Authorities in the Italian city of Perugia raided a local mosque during the weekend, arresting its imam and seizing a number of chemicals.
The Italian news agency ANSA reported Monday Mostapha El Korchi was arrested during the weekend raid and the chemicals found inside his mosque were set to be tested to determine if they could be the ingredients for a bomb.
Also arrested during Saturday’s raid were two Moroccan nationals who were working as assistants.
Police said several combat training films were also seized.
Other evidence allegedly showed El Korchi had several bomb-making manuals from the Internet.
Saturday’s raid of the Perugia mosque immediately prompted calls from Italian government officials for increased immigration regulations.
ANSA said several right-wing Italian politicians also suggested the immediate closure of all Italian mosques as a temporary precautionary measure.
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