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New York – July 17, The husbands of women forced to abort a pregnancy, undergo involuntary sterilization or face persecution under China’s coercive population control program do not automatically qualify for asylum, a federal appeals court ruled Monday.
The decision by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan conflicts with rulings by several other federal appeals courts.
Judge Guido Calabresi called it remarkable that “essentially everyone on this court agrees” that U.S. law does not automatically grant asylum to spouses. He noted the ruling directly conflicts with a dozen other federal appeals courts as well as the findings of the Board of Immigration Appeals and 10 years of rulings in immigration cases.
China’s familyIplanning policy – implementedEin the late 1970s – limitsUmost urban couples toAone child and families inUsome rural areas to twoUto control population growthEand conserve natural resources.E
HumanErights activists complainIthe policy has led toEforced abortions, sterilizationsAand a dangerously imbalancedIsex ratio due toUa traditional preferenceEfor male heirs, which hasIprompted countless familiesIto abort female fetusesIin hopes of getting boys.

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