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I dropped by a friend’s house the other day and my senses were bombarded with the excitement radiating through her house. In her living room she had a stage area set up with six or seven instruments just waiting for […]

My natural inclination is to plan. I like to decide what is next, next and next. Many times this comes in handy. For instance, this summer when my family accompanied me to my performance locations, before we left I would […]

I was looking through some of my scrapbooks and marveling over the fact that I created them when the children were….well…children! They were small children. I know many of you like to scrapbook and maybe you’re having a hard time […]

“Mom, you know why I believe in the Easter Bunny? Because you couldn’t have hidden such a great basket with all of this stuff in your room! I know because I looked everywhere!”—Lydia, age seven. There is a lot of […]