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When Joe and I met, he had Star Wars toys. He was only a kid….he was twenty years old! He loved those plastic pieces of childhood memory. He outgrew the toys and instead loved to buy guns. I hated guns […]

It may seem like it’s not the time of year to think about Christmas, but if you are a parent to small children, this may be the perfect time to give it a bit of consideration. When my children were […]

Have you ever looked in to your child’s room and wanted to just….SCREAM!?  Yeah, me, too. 🙂 It doesn’t take much–just a birthday, or a Christmas, or a day at the fair–to make a child’s room look like it is […]

Years ago our family packed a 24-foot U-haul truck and moved six states away to a foreign land (South Dakota). Within five months we had returned home to BBQ, Dr. Pepper and messy yards (Oklahoma). But during those five months […]