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As my husband drove off for jury duty this morning, seventeen-year-old memories of my time as a juror assaulted me. I was twenty-three years old and a new school teacher. I was concerned about leaving my classroom in the care …Read More

My name is Kirsten and I am a tree hugger. I’ve never understood why some people find that offensive. Truly…if someone liking trees challenges your political stance, you may be taking your politics a bit too far ;). I celebrate …Read More

Morning Flower is simply the best mother cat ever. She has lovingly cared for her four kittens even though she was traumatically taken to our home in the middle of her labor. Then, a few weeks later, I added an …Read More

This morning I was trying to think of something insightful to write for you when the phone rang and my friend’s emotional voice blurts out, “Kirsten! Chica died!” Chica was my friend’s much-loved Chihuahua. She had a complicated labor which …Read More

“Is there any way you can get your feet out of the shot?” “Oh, drats….move her away from the poop….” “Oh. my. word! Don’t let her get away….okay…I think I’ve got it….” “Nope. I missed that one. Let’s try again.” …Read More