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Beautiful long-haired Siamese Sammy walks the perimeter of the porch, winding near me and away from me, enticing me with low, prrr-meows, but staying two inches from my outstretched hand.  This is a familiar routine. “Sammy, remember how you love […]

Yesterday Cyrus put himself in the corner. I’m not sure what he had done but he seemed to think it was necessary.

….are just like this:  

A friend wrote this to me: My children want a pet. They are not old enough to care for one ther own. I do not wish to have the added responsibility of a pet. What would be a good compromise […]

I love this story of such a brave kitty.

  This just makes me HAPPY!!! How about you?

Morning Flower is simply the best mother cat ever. She has lovingly cared for her four kittens even though she was traumatically taken to our home in the middle of her labor. Then, a few weeks later, I added an […]

I remember when my oldest child was a baby/toddler I would make grand announcements to my friends–“He is sleeping through the night!” “He is potty trained!” “He is a brat!”—only to find out the next day that I was…uh…wrong. Simply […]

This morning I was trying to think of something insightful to write for you when the phone rang and my friend’s emotional voice blurts out, “Kirsten! Chica died!” Chica was my friend’s much-loved Chihuahua. She had a complicated labor which […]