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I woke this morning feeling a bit disoriented and irritable. My mind raced to try to figure out “what was wrong?” Was I upset about something? Did I have something planned for the day that I didn’t want to do? […]

Beautiful long-haired Siamese Sammy walks the perimeter of the porch, winding near me and away from me, enticing me with low, prrr-meows, but staying two inches from my outstretched hand.  This is a familiar routine. “Sammy, remember how you love […]

Anya and I stood at the Feed Store counter looking closely at the flier. The puppy in the photo was an adorable glossy-haired pedigree pup with loving eyes and jaunty grin. “Remember this picture, Anya. She lived near our home […]

Last night I was curled up in bed reading and I heard the little voice, “Go check on the bunnies”. I don’t usually spend time on the bunnies in the evening. They are in an enclosed area and I feed […]

Morning Flower is simply the best mother cat ever. She has lovingly cared for her four kittens even though she was traumatically taken to our home in the middle of her labor. Then, a few weeks later, I added an […]

Our sweet ferret, Emerald, is dancing with death and I’m sure the music will stop within the hour. I know that allowing so many animals in to our family also means we have to suffer as they suffer: a choice […]

This morning I was trying to think of something insightful to write for you when the phone rang and my friend’s emotional voice blurts out, “Kirsten! Chica died!” Chica was my friend’s much-loved Chihuahua. She had a complicated labor which […]

I don’t advocate giving cats baths; it’s usually unnecessary. Percy, however, is 1/2 Persian with very long hair and he became infested with fleas early, early in the flea season. I thought the Frontline flea treatment would work better if […]

“Is there any way you can get your feet out of the shot?” “Oh, drats….move her away from the poop….” “Oh. my. word! Don’t let her get away….okay…I think I’ve got it….” “Nope. I missed that one. Let’s try again.” […]