Moving Forward With Valorie Burton

In a culture that often equates “wealth” with materialism, it’s no wonder debt is out of control and savings are low. This week, I feel led to encourage you in the area of your finances. Answer these questions for yourself: ...Read More

Have you noticed? A new season is just around the corner. Every year, I get giddy when signs of spring whisper promises of winter’s demise. Sure, it might get cold again. But it won’t last! Just hang on a little ...Read More

The irony is, I got stuck trying to write this column about getting unstuck. Then I looked at my five-point outline and realized I was engaging in habit #4: Perfectionism.  The tape playing in my head yelled as I stared ...Read More

Dear Friend, Happy Love Week! That’s what I like to call the week of Valentine’s Day. While we tend to make Valentine’s Day all about chocolate and candlelight dinners, love is so much more than tingly feelings and romance. In ...Read More