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Thank you for visiting Mormon Inquiry. This blog is no longer being updated. Please enjoy the archives. Here are some other blogs you may also enjoy: Most Recent Mormon Story on Beliefnet Recent prayer post on Prayables Most Recent Inspiration …Read More

From the Salt Lake Tribune: “Gay couple cuffed, cited after kiss near LDS temple.” A gay couple says they were detained by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints security guards after one man kissed another on the cheek …Read More

At the Salt Lake Tribune, “Petition urges LDS Church to soften stance on gays,” reporting efforts of a collection of LDS and ex-LDS to lobby the LDS Church by delivering a petition reproving its stand on Prop 8. According to …Read More

That’s the headline in a longish Time story on Mormons, “The Church and Gay Marriage: Are Mormons Misunderstood?” It’s a fairly balanced story, although the author still manages to impute “seamless unity” to the Mormon community while, at the same …Read More

At Get Religion, “The Mormons are coming!“, taking issue with aspects of a Washington Post article of the same name. I would summarize the general problem in simpler terms: some journalists in the mainstream press believe their own propaganda, which …Read More

As expected, the California Supreme Court upheld the propriety of Proposition 8’s amendment to the state constitution in an opinion released today, but left same-sex marriages performed since May 2008 in force. Here’s from the LA Times story: The California …Read More

At the Mormon Times, “A Mormon theology manifesto,” summarizing remarks by an LDS philosopher at a recent conference suggesting that theology “must follow the path that addresses and heals suffering.”

A Mirror of Justice post provides some links related to the proposed Connecticut legislation implementing gay marriage in that state in response to a 2008 state supreme court decision, Kerrigan v. Commissioner of Publilc Health.

I’ll review the recent LDS General Conference session by session this week, starting with the Saturday morning session. The Mormon Times provides an index with links to summaries; has now posted full transcripts. As expected, the impact of the …Read More

From the Los Angeles Times, “California Supreme Court looks unlikely to kill Proposition 8.” The California Supreme Court strongly indicated Thursday it would rule that Proposition 8 validly abolished the right for gays to marry but would allow same-sex couples …Read More