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The annual Mormon History Association meetings are underway in Springfield, Illinois. The Deseret News reports on the address of the outgoing MHA President, historian Kathryn Daynes of BYU. She spoke on the varied experience of 19th-century Mormons who struggled, under …Read More

The Salt Lake Tribune carried a couple of retrospectives on the Texas FLDS community (hat tip: M&A, which posts additional links and comments). The first story suggests the FLDS community in Texas has largely returned to pre-raid rhythms. It also …Read More

The heated discussion about the Big Love temple scene died down pretty quickly after it aired, but here’s an interview at the LA Times with one of the show’s creators that gives one view of things.

Between the FLDS events in Texas and the continued popularity of Big Love, polygamy (or plural marriage, as it is often termed) has been in the news lately. It has always been a topic of regular discussion on LDS blogs, …Read More

First, Joel Campbell at the Mormon Times (the online site sponsored by the Deseret News), with “HBO Big Love response shows ethical lapses, arrogance.” Campbell takes HBO and Big Love producers to task for “cross[ing] a very bright ethical line” …Read More

At the Salt Lake Tribune: “Arrested: Leaders of FLDS-linked Canadian polygamous sect.” According to the story, one of the men arrested is the leader of the FLDS community in Creston, British Columbia; the other leads a polygamous group in Creston …Read More

I dropped a new book into slot one of my Now Reading list (on the sidebar), Nauvoo Polygamy: “… but we called it celestial marriage”, by George D. Smith. The title is certainly an orthographic challenge. I’ll save my own substantive …Read More

At Hieing to Kolob, “Why I Would Totally Have Slept With Joseph Smith.” Just about anything gets Mormon feminists upset, but not much makes them uncomfortable. This post will. I suppose it will make almost any Mormon reader squirm a …Read More