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Nothing on the LDS news wire that’s hot, but there’s plenty going on in the world. It’s messy and getting messier. Here are a few thought-provoking links.

It happened on Sunday. The historic and picturesque LDS chapel near Harvard University caught fire about 10:30 a.m. and burned for two hours. Here’s from the initial story at the Boston Globe: Mormons around the country today are grieving the …Read More

You read the story and decide for yourself. From the Deseret News, “Missing Mormon convert found in Texas.” A 19-year-old girl allegedly abducted from her Holladay [near Salt Lake City] home by her Texas parents because she recently converted to …Read More

It happens twice a year, in April and October, as the senior leaders of the LDS Church speak to the general membership of the LDS Chruch in person (to those attending at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City) and …Read More

A reliable-looking blog cites an email from the “outreach coordinator at the GLBT Drop-in center at the Unitarian Church in Ogden” announcing gay service projects over the upcoming Conference weekend (April 4-5). The email is trying to counter claims circulating …Read More

The Salt Lake Tribune did a short one-year review of the tenure of Thomas S. Monson as President of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The article notes that “impetuous acts of kindness are the hallmark of Monson” and …Read More

Rick Warren offered a suitably moving if rather informal invocation at today’s Inauguration, using appropriately nondenominational language. Or at least he touched all the bases: God was referenced as “the Father” and as one “compassionate and merciful”; Jesus was referenced …Read More

Jeff at Mormanity happens to be visiting New Jersey, only miles from where a heroic pilot brought a crippled airliner safely down into the Hudson River. He posted comments about the event: Avoiding bridges, buildings, cables, and boats, [the pilot] …Read More

That’s what Signature Books is doing, according to its website. We have decided to take a brief hiatus (we’re calling it our recession hiatus) to add the complete texts of many of our titles to our Signature Books Library site–something …Read More

Earlier I posted a link to the “year in review” post at the LDS Newsroom. Here’s a similar post at the Salt Lake Tribune, “A year of scrutiny for the LDS Church.” The article features extensive commentary by Philip Barlow, …Read More