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This is the third post on Richard L. Bushman’s Mormonism: A Very Short Introduction (OUP, 2008). [See Part 1 and Part 2.] In Chapter Three, Bushman reviews the several meanings of the term “Zion” in LDS doctrine and thinking.

The Pew Forum recently issued a detailed summary of survey information about Mormons gathered as part of a much larger survey of religious life in the United States. It is a very readable summary, noting that Mormons comprise 1.7% of …Read More

Some, not all. Harry Potter is back in theaters this week, to the consternation of some conservative Christians. See the lengthy Wikipedia discussion under “Religious debates over the Harry Potter series” for a gentle summary. The Catholic position has changed …Read More

At Mormon Matters, a post reflecting on the positive and negative aspects of serving a two-year LDS proselyting mission. Young men who follow the standards of the LDS Church are very strongly encouraged to serve. Young women are, at present, …Read More

That question has been getting more consideration recently, with the general consensus being, “No, at least not yet.” By Common Consent is posting an academic piece by scholar Walter E. A. van Beek that helps understand the question. He uses …Read More

From a Washington Times article “Marriage as a Mormon value” According to [the] Pew [Forum], Mormons have one of the most lopsided gender ratios of any religion: 44 percent men and 56 percent women. You can’t argue with the gender …Read More

Last week I posted on the latest Pew Forum survey, arguing that the prevalent media summary of the survey — that many people are drifting from faith to unbelief — was misreading the data. Today there’s an op-ed piece in …Read More

At the Salt Lake Tribune: “Deseret Book demotes Twilight.” “Demote” means that neither Twilight nor the other volumes in the megaselling series by LDS author Stephanie Meyer are now available at Deseret Book stores or even at their online site. …Read More

At, “When choosing where to play, Mormon recruits face unique issues,” discussing the challenges faced by a couple of high-profile LDS athletes as they consider which four-year sports program to enroll in. [Yes, I realize there is a four-year …Read More

From David Ford’s Theology: A Very Short Introduction: Religions are learning communities which benefit from interactions with other learning communities, and they also need to cultivate their own educational institutions. There have been devastating consequences when religious communities have had …Read More