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St Simeon the Stylite   I have never understood the aversion most Christians have to fasting. Say the word ‘fasting’ and you get distasteful and alarmed expressions, as if to say, “Good heavens! That’s rather unnecessarily extremist isn’t it?” One …Read More

I always give people the benefit of the doubt. Some of my friends think it is a vice and some think it is a virtue. I hope I’m not being naive, but I really do try to see the best …Read More

When we go to confession we are getting an excellent dose of inner therapy. Confession works, and forgiveness really does make us better. There are three problem areas of our lives which we can bring into confession. We are usually …Read More

The iconography of the church often reveals startling reminders of the truths of the faith. When Pentecost is represented we most often see the tongues of flame descending on the heads of the Apostles, but we also see the apostles …Read More

I had gone to England from the United States with the dream of being an Anglican country priest. I wanted to be the pastor of one of those beautiful old stone churches nestled in a quaint English village in the …Read More

‘Mere’ Christianity is only a starting place. It is Christianity for Beginners. C.S.Lewis himself expected people to move from ‘mere’ Christianity to something more. My own Christian journey has been a search for that ‘more’ the Lewis hints at. Did …Read More