Monthly Musings

By J. Douglas Holladay “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” mused humorist Mark Twain upon learning of his premature obituary in the New York Journal. On another occasion, a decade later, the New York Times declared him lost […]

By J. Douglas Holladay A very special man and mentor, Oregon Senator Mark Hatfield, died earlier this month at age 89. Senator Hatfield was a revered and grounded public servant. We met during my college years. The senator first impacted […]

By J. Douglas Holladay Friends. Legendary slugger Babe Ruth is rightly remembered for his prowess as the all-time home run king. What’s not as well known is his other notable achievement: 1,330 strike outs, by far the most in major […]

By J. Douglas Holladay Occasionally, when speaking to business students, I ask an unsettling question about their parents in the workplace. Has the light gone out? I purposely keep the question vague and direct, yet they know exactly what I […]