Hello everyone!!! Hope you enjoy fall savings because here is a full list to keep money in your pockets but still get the things you need and want!

FREE Walgreens and KMART GIFT CERTIFICATES : Walgreens and KMART are running some great prescription transfer promotions. If you transfer your prescription to  either Walgreens or KMART you can get a $25 gift certificate to the store to use on whatever you wish. These coupons can be found on their Pharmacy sections of their website or in your local circular. Both of these providers are now accepting Anthem / Blue Cross insurance, so this promotion is an attempt to get back the customers they lost when they were not accepting those carriers.

I have personally transferred to both stores and racked up on a ton of free toiletries and house staples over the weekend. Here’s another secret…and short story…I transferred a prescription to KMART and next month when I need to fill it again, I will transfer it to Walgreens and get another $25 gift certificate. MORE FREE STUFF!!!


REDBOX SAVINGS: Here is a Redbox Code for 15% off all your rentals between now and 10/15!  Just use the code JW4V3Q7X to see the discount!

There does not appear to be a limit to the amount of times you can use it, so write it down and stick it in your wallet.

Or you can use the same code and order online and have your movie reserved before you get to the store.

AND if you have never signed up for RedBox before do it through this link and get your first rental FREE! Who doesn’t like FREE movie rentals?!


CHEAP JEWELRY ON AMAZON: Here is the link to beautiful jewelry. I personally ordered this peacock inspired necklace for $1.36 (that includes shipping) and LOVE it!!! I loved it so much that I ordered a few as gifts for people on my Christmas list. If you’re not interested in the necklace, check out the bottom suggested items and you will see several other cheaply priced necklaces, bracelets, rings and hair jewels. **The only downfall is that shipping does take about 4 weeks. So if you’re thinking about purchasing these items…do it now in order to have it by mid November.


GREAT XMAS IDEA FOR LITTLE GIRLS: In a few weeks after the Halloween holiday has came and gone, stores will mark down all of their Halloween costumes down by 50 – 75%. Take advantage of these sales and purchase the famous Disney princess costumes or other dress-up related outfits and give them as Christmas gifts. Because soon after the Halloween markdown has passed, those same princess costumes will be marked right back up to regular prices.


HAUTELOOK.COM: And if you’re like me or any other mom that likes to dress stylish but for half the cost. Check out: www.hautelook.com You will be asked to enter in your email address and sign up for daily email BUT I promise it’s work it. You will find jewelry, Kate Spade, Michael Kors and more for more than half off. GREAT PRICES and GREAT quality items.


Remember if you have any coupon questions or comments you’re always welcome to email me at aguzman@beliefnetstaff.com Black Friday is sneaking up on us and I will post a survival shopping guide/strategy soon!

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