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Black Friday is a shopping day unlike any other. It’s not a day for browsing or window shopping; it’s the day to get anything and everything for the best price possible. To me, Black Friday is a sport and I go into it with a strategy and game plan. My goal is to get all of my Christmas shopping done. I also use this shopping day to replenish household items that are worn and out of date like – towels, dishes and utensils because everything is ridiculously inexpensive.

Here are my tips on how to get started this Black Friday. After you read my gallery you’ll be prepared to shop until you drop.

Tips to Being a Successful Black Friday Shopper


The Susan G. Komen foundation is a nationwide organization dedicated to helping fight against breast cancer. Our local Tidewater division hosted a 5K race to support breast cancer awareness. Our Beliefnet team woke up early to embark on the challenge. The event took place in Virginia Beach, VA at the oceanfront and hosted over 8,000 participants.

Participants were allowed to run or walk; there was no pressure to race to the finish line in a designated amount of time. However, for those competitors they offered chips to track progress and time.

Men, women, kids and even their animals participated in the event which brought light to the cause and those that are affected by breast cancer. Everyone represented their pink with their shirts, bras, crowns, wings, tutus, or any attire they could customize – nothing was off limits. As I walked amongst the other participants, I felt myself become nostalgic by the unity that all of us strangers developed. We were all there to support a great cause and an amazing foundation.

Many participants walked in support and in memory of their loved ones, as they displayed their names in honor on their apparel. To those people they weren’t only supporting a great cause; they were supporting a loved one who was attacked by breast cancer.

As my friend and I finished the race, we felt a sense of accomplishment run through our souls. Suddenly, the cold winds, weather and early wake-up call were worth it all. We were able to support a cause that we believed in and that was dear to our hearts.  It was refreshing to experience such a feeling of accomplishment and self gratification from walking in support of a great cause. We’re already looking forward to next year.

If you’re interested in participating in a race in your area or ways that you can help fight for breast cancer awareness click here.

Hello everyone!!! Hope you enjoy fall savings because here is a full list to keep money in your pockets but still get the things you need and want!

FREE Walgreens and KMART GIFT CERTIFICATES : Walgreens and KMART are running some great prescription transfer promotions. If you transfer your prescription to  either Walgreens or KMART you can get a $25 gift certificate to the store to use on whatever you wish. These coupons can be found on their Pharmacy sections of their website or in your local circular. Both of these providers are now accepting Anthem / Blue Cross insurance, so this promotion is an attempt to get back the customers they lost when they were not accepting those carriers.

I have personally transferred to both stores and racked up on a ton of free toiletries and house staples over the weekend. Here’s another secret…and short story…I transferred a prescription to KMART and next month when I need to fill it again, I will transfer it to Walgreens and get another $25 gift certificate. MORE FREE STUFF!!!


REDBOX SAVINGS: Here is a Redbox Code for 15% off all your rentals between now and 10/15!  Just use the code JW4V3Q7X to see the discount!

There does not appear to be a limit to the amount of times you can use it, so write it down and stick it in your wallet.

Or you can use the same code and order online and have your movie reserved before you get to the store.

AND if you have never signed up for RedBox before do it through this link and get your first rental FREE! Who doesn’t like FREE movie rentals?!


CHEAP JEWELRY ON AMAZON: Here is the link to beautiful jewelry. I personally ordered this peacock inspired necklace for $1.36 (that includes shipping) and LOVE it!!! I loved it so much that I ordered a few as gifts for people on my Christmas list. If you’re not interested in the necklace, check out the bottom suggested items and you will see several other cheaply priced necklaces, bracelets, rings and hair jewels. **The only downfall is that shipping does take about 4 weeks. So if you’re thinking about purchasing these items…do it now in order to have it by mid November.


GREAT XMAS IDEA FOR LITTLE GIRLS: In a few weeks after the Halloween holiday has came and gone, stores will mark down all of their Halloween costumes down by 50 – 75%. Take advantage of these sales and purchase the famous Disney princess costumes or other dress-up related outfits and give them as Christmas gifts. Because soon after the Halloween markdown has passed, those same princess costumes will be marked right back up to regular prices.


HAUTELOOK.COM: And if you’re like me or any other mom that likes to dress stylish but for half the cost. Check out: You will be asked to enter in your email address and sign up for daily email BUT I promise it’s work it. You will find jewelry, Kate Spade, Michael Kors and more for more than half off. GREAT PRICES and GREAT quality items.


Remember if you have any coupon questions or comments you’re always welcome to email me at Black Friday is sneaking up on us and I will post a survival shopping guide/strategy soon!

Baby news is very exciting!!! Mothers are usually about to pop with excitement.

Recently, my husband and I received great news. I am 2 months pregnant! I wanted to tell my family and friends in a cool way. Of course I pintrested baby announcement ideas and found dozens of cute ways to say “we’re expecting.” Some expecting parents stood by signs that said “Bump Ahead”, others took pictures of the mommy’s belly with their hands shaping a heart and others simply took a picture of the first ultra sound.

I decided to incorporate all of those ideas and I got creative. This is what I came up with:

This is a very easy DIY project. My daughter and I drew and colored the baby’s due date in our driveway. Then I got someone to take the picture and ta-da. I am known for wearing my tall pumps, so I decided to add some uniqueness to my photo.

This photo will make a wonderful addition my baby’s scrapbook and was a fun way to tell my friends and family about our new addition. If you know anyone who’s expecting, encourage them to announce their bundle of joy in a fun way. It’s a great way to make memories and have fun.

Feel free to email me at with your fun baby announcement photos and comments.