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Alzheimer’s…the word alone is enough to scare most people over 50.  Whether it be because we know someone or some family that has been effected by this condition or whether we fear it for ourselves, Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has become […]

Surprise, surprise.  In the news this last week, another class of pharmaceutical medications is undergoing scrutiny by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for safety concerns.  Known as  ‘bisphosphonates’, this class include drugs such as Fosamax (alendronate), Boniva, Actonel and […]

Although I am very fortunate to have never experienced a migraine headache, I treat a significant number of people who are debilitated by them regularly.  In fact, almost 20% of American women suffer from migraines.  Clarification:  Many use the word […]

If you havent’ read my latest post, it’s about a new chewable birth control option.  I was happy to see a comment from ‘kenneth’ and here is my reply.  Thanks for your input.  Having a practice that tends to attract […]

“Watson Pharmaceuticals has just been granted FDA approval for a chewable low-strength birth control pill.”  When I first heard of this, I thought it was a joke!  A birth control for people who can’t swallow pills?   Anyone who has […]

Story time!  I had another amazing experience at the office today.  A 77 year old woman came to us just a few months ago with arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflux and prediabetes- not to mention her obesity. […]

Welcome back to our second post on ‘To Soy or Not to Soy…”  I would highly encourage you to read my previous post as you will need that quick update to make the most out of this post.    Now, […]

One of the biggest debates in the health food-minded world today surrounds the use of soy and soy derived products.  Some extol the benefits of soy ranging from healthier skin to breast cancer prevention, while others condemn the bean as […]

Newsflash:  “You should be taking a fish oil for good health!”  How many times have you heard the terms “fish oil,” “omega 3,” or “omega 3 fatty acid” being plastered in health bulletins or recommendations lately?  If you are paying […]

A potentially life-saving study was plastered all over the internet yesterday.  Job Stress May Raise Women’s Heart Attack Risk by Almost 90%!  This is at the ‘preliminary assessment’ state as the results have not been fully analyzed- basically meaning the […]