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Martha Williamson believes that the people who truly bless and enrich our lives are the people who have been with us in our everyday living, and she has a test to prove it!

As Martha Williamson recalls a story she never got to tell Art Linkletter when she met him, she reminds us that if there is something you want to share with someone, do it now and don’t wait. You might not […]

After being introduced to the book “The Five Languages of Love” by Dr. Gary Chapman, Martha Williamson finally learned how to listen and was able to hear “I love you” in more ways than just words.

Martha Williamson shares the Valentine’s Day gift she’ll never forget. Watch “A Valentine to Wait For” for more Valentine’s Day stories.

While having a conversation with a gentleman who had suffered a stroke, Martha Williamson was moved by the word with a thousand meanings.

This Christmas Martha Williamson made a list of relationships in need of reconciliation – either to forgive – or to apologize – so she can approach the Christmas altar with a heart emptied of hate or resentment and ready to […]

If you’re separated from those you love this holiday season, Martha Williamson believes it’s okay to take the time to acknowledge your pain now so that you can make room in your heart for hope and joy later.

In this charming story about her children’s recent Sunday school project, Martha Williamson was reminded of how wonderful it is to know how much you mean to someone.

After hearing a powerful story about a mission trip to an orphanage in Malawi where the children out numbered their caretakers, Martha Williamson was reminded of the amazing healing power of human touch and affection and how it can positively […]

Continuing with her popular What Love Is Series, Martha Williamson shares more heartfelt viewer comments on what they believe love is. And Martha believes that every question we have about life begins and ends with absolute love. To see the […]