A Touch of Encouragement
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Martha Williamson shares how her mother’s favorite sayings have impacted her life and even kept her going when times got tough. Share your favorite “Mom-ism” this Mother’s Day.

Martha Williamson believes that it only takes a moment of courage to find a lifetime of peace.

Martha Williamson shares a Father’s Day tribute. If you missed Martha’s other Father’s Day video, watch World’s Worst Dad.

In this Father’s Day video, Martha Williamson reads some heartbreaking letters from viewers. But even through all of the pain, Martha was struck by the resilience of the human heart and the amazing power of forgiveness.

Martha Williamson shares a special video thank you to the parents of men and women in the armed services.

How will you honor your mother? Martha Williamson believes honoring your mother this Mother’s Day is very different than just giving her a present.

An unforgettable song. Martha Williamson shares a touching story of how she was able to grant her mother’s final wish.

A teenage lesson about love.

She was too smart to save her own life.

The last powerful lesson from a childhood friend.