A Touch of Encouragement

As Martha Williamson reads this truly heart-warming story, we are reminded that it’s not what’s on the outside that matters, but what’s on the inside.

Dear Friends, Last month I shared with you the exciting news that select episodes of Touched By An Angel have been released in two specially-themed collections – Touched By An Angel: Inspiration Collection – Hope and Holiday. Since then, the wonderful reception these new DVDs are receiving has truly blessed me and I just wanted…

Martha Williamson believes those who have the courage to take a risk and stand out from the crowd will always be the people that are remembered.

In this charming story about her children’s recent Sunday school project, Martha Williamson was reminded of how wonderful it is to know how much you mean to someone.

Martha Williamson wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and shares her own reasons for being thankful this holiday.

Martha Williamson reminds us that it’s not what’s on the Thanksgiving table that matters, but who’s sitting around it.

On a recent visit with her junior high school principal, Martha Williamson was reminded of a lesson she learned while in school that she still uses today: the art of presenting an idea with passion and commitment and expecting to hear “no” but preparing to hear “yes.”

I am so pleased that our six-part series on Alzheimer’s received such positive response. Not only did we receive very encouraging comments online, but so many people approached me at church to tell me they had seen Dr. Bresky’s interviews and were grateful. These were folks that I didn’t even know were regular Touch of…

We have some exciting news to share! Select episodes of the critically acclaimed and landmark series TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL make their DVD debut in two specially themed collections. TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL: INSPIRATION COLLECTION – HOPE and HOLIDAY each feature four thematic episodes specially selected and hosted by series executive producer Martha Williamson. For…

After hearing a powerful story about a mission trip to an orphanage in Malawi where the children out numbered their caretakers, Martha Williamson was reminded of the amazing healing power of human touch and affection and how it can positively influence everyone around us.

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