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Martha Williamson believes that the people who truly bless and enrich our lives are the people who have been with us in our everyday living, and she has a test to prove it!

Martha Williamson shares a funny story about how she got a job by accidentally dialing the wrong number.

Martha Williamson tells a touching story of a doctor who proved the world hasn’t changed so much after all.

While visiting the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles, Martha Williamson became intensely aware of how tiny we really are, but more importantly, she was reminded of how God created everything with meaning and purpose, including us.

Using a message form the past, Martha Williamson shares how a person’s faith can make a powerful difference.

In this uplifting video, Martha Williamson shares some words she found life-changing by the beloved American humorist, Erma Bombeck. To hear more encouraging words check out The Simply Complex You and The Rock in the Woods.

Martha Williamson shares timeless motivational suggestions to help people feel less stress when dealing with every day challenges. See the entire list of motivational suggestions in Martha’s blog below: BLOG: A List to Live By.

While having a conversation with a gentleman who had suffered a stroke, Martha Williamson was moved by the word with a thousand meanings.

While talking about the Touched By An Angel episode Psalm 151, where a young boy had a list of things he wanted to complete before he died, Martha Williamson was reminded of the bucket list she created thirty years ago …Read More

Martha Williamson believes that anger serves no purpose if we let it take over our lives, but if we can turn that anger over to God and ask for the courage to change things, then that is what we call …Read More