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Martha Williamson reaches out to a viewer who tragically lost her son.

How losing a pet taught Martha Williamson a lesson in forgiveness.

If you are feeling disconnected or forgotten by God, Martha Williamson believes you just need to go back to the last place you saw Him and He will meet you there with open arms.

While having a conversation with a gentleman who had suffered a stroke, Martha Williamson was moved by the word with a thousand meanings.

In this touching video, Martha Williamson tells the story of how her young daughter loved a caterpillar and the lesson that no matter how big or small, learning to love has to start somewhere.

When someone close to you is grieving, Martha Williamson understands the importance of confronting the messiness of grief in order to better comfort the people we love. Martha learned this lesson the hard way when she pulled away from her […]

What’s your plan? Just as we plan our emergency exits for possible life-threatening events, Martha Williamson thinks we should also plan for the emotional emergencies we face in our life. And it was her own “emotional exit plan” that helped […]

While attending a recent funeral service, Martha Williamson was reminded of how taking a few hours to honor a life well-lived is also a good way to re-commit to living a life that honors God. Watch Four Songs and a […]

How will you honor your mother? Martha Williamson believes honoring your mother this Mother’s Day is very different than just giving her a present.

Walking through the valley of death and feeling left behind. When we feel sorrowful and left behind by the loss of a loved one, Martha Williamson shares that just as God welcomes them into His arms, He is also with […]