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When we find ourselves too emotionally and physically exhausted to ask for help, Martha Williamson believes if we just stand still and call out to God with faith, confidence and patience He will be there to answer our prayer.

Martha Williamson reminds us that moments of true happiness come all the time but we have to stay in the present to feel them.

While struggling with a speech, Martha Williamson was reminded that amazing things can happen when we give up control and ask for God’s help.

If you are feeling disconnected or forgotten by God, Martha Williamson believes you just need to go back to the last place you saw Him and He will meet you there with open arms.

Martha Williamson believes that when you feel you’re in danger of being emotionally and spiritually swept away, if you trust in the Creator, He’ll safely bring you to the end of the river.

Martha Williamson believes that even though our faith is often challenged, we can draw courage from those who came before us.

When we’re at our lowest, Martha Williamson believes if we dare look up, we’ll see how strong and faithful God is.

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A juicy hors d’oeuvre? During the times we’re tempted to judge, Martha Williamson reminds us that we never know what someone else is going through.