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Martha Williamson believes that the experience of reading the Bible can be like hearing a song as it was meant to be sung; no matter how many times you hear it, it will always sound brand new.

Martha Williamson always enjoys the benediction at the end of her church service, and even though it may be difficult at times, she tries to live up to its challenge of “holding onto what is good, return no one evil …Read More

Martha Williamson believes that the miracle of the Living Word is what happens when you and the Bible and the Holy Spirit meet to create a new truth meant just for you.

While filming the revelation scene for the Touched By an Angel episode “Out of the Darkness”, Martha Williamson was reminded of how important it is to leave our burdens at the altar with God instead of just “letting them go.”

Martha Williamson shares a funny story about how she got a job by accidentally dialing the wrong number.

Martha Williamson reminds us that God not only cares about the big things in life, but also the little things. Watch Martha this Sunday, April 25th on the Hour of Power with Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman as they discuss Martha’s …Read More

When Martha Williamson envisions what God looks like, she can only imagine a bright light; a light that is love itself. And even though she doesn’t know exactly how God looks, she knows how he loves and that’s what’s important.

While recovering from the flu, Martha Williamson knew she wasn’t in charge of what came next; she just needed to surrender to the healing process. That became a good lesson in remembering that surrender isn’t necessarily weakness, it can simply …Read More

Martha Williamson believes that it only takes a moment of courage to find a lifetime of peace.

If your heart is seeking God, Martha Williamson believes worship and fellowship alongside others in church is a great place to start looking.