A Touch of Encouragement

When we find ourselves too emotionally and physically exhausted to ask for help, Martha Williamson believes if we just stand still and call out to God with faith, confidence and patience He will be there to answer our prayer.

Martha Williamson realizes that for some Father’s Day isn’t always a day to celebrate, but she reminds us that there is One Father who will always be there for us. Watch Martha’s tribute to her father in “The Hero on …Read More

Martha Williamson reaches out to a viewer who tragically lost her son.

Martha Williamson believes that the people who truly bless and enrich our lives are the people who have been with us in our everyday living, and she has a test to prove it!

As Martha Williamson recalls a story she never got to tell Art Linkletter when she met him, she reminds us that if there is something you want to share with someone, do it now and don’t wait. You might not …Read More

Martha Williamson shares her unique Father’s Day gift idea. Take a look at these uniquely designed “Thank You For Encouraging Me Dad” gift mugs by Martha!

Martha Williamson believes that the experience of reading the Bible can be like hearing a song as it was meant to be sung; no matter how many times you hear it, it will always sound brand new.

This Memorial Day Martha Williamson shares how deeply moved she became when she met an Iwo Jima survivor. And from all of us at A Touch of Encouragement, we want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone serving, and …Read More

Martha Williamson always enjoys the benediction at the end of her church service, and even though it may be difficult at times, she tries to live up to its challenge of “holding onto what is good, return no one evil …Read More

Martha Williamson believes that the miracle of the Living Word is what happens when you and the Bible and the Holy Spirit meet to create a new truth meant just for you.