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How losing a pet taught Martha Williamson a lesson in forgiveness.

In this funny story about experiencing a moment of joy, Martha Williamson shares her encounter with a spider while singing Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.

In this touching video, Martha Williamson tells the story of how her young daughter loved a caterpillar and the lesson that no matter how big or small, learning to love has to start somewhere.

After losing her pet hamster, Martha Williamson’s daughter went to the Humane Society to find the newest member of their family. It was during this trip that Martha thought of all the people who are imprisoned in some way and […]

A final farewell. Through the sudden death of her daughter’s pet, Martha Williamson was reminded of the true gift of God’s eternal love.

And here’s the rest of the story. As Martha Williamson finishes her story of the surprise hitchhiking bird, she reminds us that God’s eyes are on everything and everyone, no matter the size. (To hear about how the adventure started, […]

How a hamster, a dog, and an injured bird taught a lesson about responsibility. Martha Williamson reminds us if we faithfully take care of the small things in life, God will trust us with the big things.

How pets can teach us one of the great secrets of life.

Martha introduces her occasional co-host.

Some of you may remember my story of rescuing the lost puppy who was running in and out of traffic last week. After attempting to find his owner, we finally took him to the nearest humane society and signed up […]