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Here are three more photos from my recent vacation, which included several marvelous hikes in the High Sierra of California. Bull Lake, outside of Bishop, California. A Sierra Lily, near Mammoth Lakes, California. My son Nathan in a moment of …Read More

Here are three pictures of my son, Nathan, and his cousin, Dustin, on family vacations. Do you get a sense of déjà vu? Wading in Deep Creek, in the San Bernardino Mountains of California, April 2002. Diving into the Stanislaus …Read More

During my trip to New England last week, I was able to visit Harvard University. I had not been back to my alma mater since my final graduation there in 1992. Of course I enjoyed plenty of nostalgia, which I …Read More

Here are a few photos from one of my favorite places in the world, Rockport, Massachusetts. The red fishing shack in the center of these photos is Motif #1, one of the most photographed, painted, and drawn structures in the …Read More

Have you ever noticed how different places have different and distinctive smells? I expect you have, especially if you’ve visited a seaside community on vacation. Even before you can hear the waves crashing on the beach or the seagulls calling, …Read More

Last week I visited Montana State University along with my son. He is interested in attending film school for college, and Montana State has a well-regarded program in film, television, and theatre. Not surprisingly, one of the most attractive features …Read More

The following photos need no explanation . . . .

During our recent trip to Montana, my family and I, along with several friends, hiked to Lava Lake. This 5.5 mile hike involved a substantial climb (1600 ft) along a fast-moving creek. The forest was dense and lush. The trailhead …Read More

My son and his friend chase the cattle off of our trail in the Montana mountains . . . . Who says there are palm trees in Montana?

Yesterday I put up a photo of my son, Nathan, and me at the beginning of our first backpacking trip together. I believe that picture was taken in the summer of 2000. Here’s another look at that photo. We were …Read More