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Most people have heard of Stonehenge, the famed monument in England, a few kilometers north of Salisbury. Tourists from throughout the world flock to this unique reminder of an ancient world. (Photo: Stonehenge) But now you can have Stonehenge in …Read More

Texans love their bluebonnets, and I can see why. This year, with lots of rain in the Hill Country, we’re enjoying a parade of bluebonnets, though I’ve been told that they can be even better than this. Bluebonnets are, in …Read More

A couple of days ago we had some unusally chilly weather in Central Texas. Where I live, in Boerne, the temperature dipped below freezing for fifteen hours. The low hit 23 degrees. That’s two degrees lower than last winter’s low. …Read More

Yesterday, my family and I visited the Texas Capitol, the center of the state government in Austin, the capital. We were there for my daughter to be reconized for getting second place in the National History Day competition last summer. …Read More

A couple of pictures I’ve snapped in the last week. First, the Guadalupe River as it passes through Mo Ranch, a Presbyterian conference center near Hunt. Cibolo Creek in the Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne.

No, not the Alfred Hitchcock movie. Rather, an invasion of Grackles in Kerrville, Texas. One time I left my car in the San Antonio airport, cleverly parked under a tree for shade. Or so I thought. I turns out that …Read More

On Wednesday evening, all hail broke loose in Boerne, Texas. For a brief time, we had a stunning hail storm, complete with deafening thunder and blinding lightning. The photo below shows the result. No, this is not snow in winter. …Read More

My mother and my dog enjoy a spring afternoon in Texas . . . . A Redbud tree blooming at Laity Lodge . . . . Thank you, Lord, for springtime!

“The Grassy Knoll.” Now there’s a phrase that has made it’s way into American culture and history. There are grassy knolls all over our country, but only one gets to be called “The Grassy Knoll.” And I’m quite sure that …Read More

On Saturday I put up a picture of the Dallas Morning News building in Dallas, Texas, focusing on the inspiring inscription on the front wall. I explained that this statement was adapted from a speech by George Dealey, who had …Read More