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A few days ago I put up a post that responded to an unfortunate email promotion from Because my books have been purchased by people who also purchased the excellent Christian books by Don Williams, the computer figured […]

Last Thursday I blogged on a email promotion from to folks who had bought my books. Amazon was urging my readers to buy a book by Don Williams on sexual threesomes. No joke! I wasn’t scandalized by this, but […] responded to my complaint about the inappropriate promotional email (see yesterday’s post). They get credit for responding, especially since it looks like a human being actually was involved here. Gopi N’s response was pretty much boilerplate, and didn’t respond […]

  Warning: Parents, this post is inappropriate for children. (Actually, it’s not really appropriate for anyone, but I think it’s worth posting anyway. Today I received a dozen or more emails from friends, including a comment from my mother, who […]